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Welcome To Cloud Weavers – Products, Processes and Automation

Cloud Weavers Private Limited (CWPL), is a software product development company that specialises in Software Products and  Solutions for a number of Industries. Our solutions use cutting edge technologies and is completely integrated with a multitude of new touch points like security and access control system, internet-of-things (IOT) and cloud solutions.  At CWPL, we develop scalable software applications, business software and automation software. We develop and implement applications that automates everyday workflow and processes in your organisation and transform your organisation efficient and nimble.

  • We cater to a number of industries.
  • We understand the business of these industries.
  • We provide total, integrated solutions.

You can be a Small-and-Medium-Enterprise (SME).  You can be a small startup, in a remote corner of the world, trying to sell your fantastic product online, for the first time. You can be large, established organisation, who is frustrated with your current software providers, who provide inflexible, expensive and software that is not aligned with your organisation’s needs. We have solutions for you.

SMEs or startups, please look at the eCommerce Enablers, where we provide, simple easy-to-use, quick and practical solutions to cater to your immediate business needs. With our eCommerce Enablers, you can be up and running almost immediately.

For Large Organisations, we provide total solutions which helps you manage your entire organisation’s business and operations without with the needs to work with multiple vendors.We have immediate solutions for Golf and Country Clubs, Pre-schools, Food and Beverage outlets with Central Kitchen Operations… Name it.. we have it. Please click on Our Products to view the details.

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